Vintage Racing this Sunday 1/17/16


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Nov 28, 2007
Right side of Washington
Wow Vintage Races!!!

If you were not at the Priest Lake Vintage races... you missed a GREAT RACE! 85 racers... LOTS of spectators racers from Idaho, Washington, Oregon...and Utah!!!

If there were Polaris TXLs in the class they pretty much owned the race... But there were a few Yamahas and Cats and a Mercury as well as a Sno Jet that were pretty quick.

Lots of spills and paint trading action in the corners.

Next race is in February, and the volunteers promise a much larger parking area....

A few pictures of the racing action:

A Main of 340 stock... yeah the corners were crowded! This was "A Main" with two heats to get into this Main... there was also a B Main with the leaders from the two Mains going to the final... 340 stock was a very large class! Yep Janet (orange coat on a grand-daughter's 340 Yamaha) earned a front row start in the race based upon her heat races (a 2 and a 3rd) but sadly was not a top finisher in this race so did not advance.

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