Vintage Races Priest Lake


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Nov 28, 2007
Right side of Washington
what a BLAST!!!! Great crowd, racers on old iron... short tight oval... plans are on for next year... we are HOOKED! (now we need to find a race sled):face-icon-small-coo

Way cool to see the old iron racing.. BEST HEAT RACE AND FINAL RACE was in Women's open class... Janet was out gunned riding her 377 Citation against the eventual winner riding a quicker 250 RV... so we leaned down the Citation, put in a higher engagement clutch spring, adjusted the ski pressure and gave Janet the hole shot... but she would only be able to hold off the hard charging RV for 4 laps... but as you can see... it was tight, paint trading pretty cool oval racing... yea we are already on the hunt for a quicker vintage sled


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