Vintage Mountain sled build

Hey all thought I should start thread on my summer project.

in December 2020 I bought a 1995 Arctic Cat Powder Special 580 for $700 Canadian in Cranbrook BC. It had 7700 miles on sled, and was equipped with reverse.

I brought home to Manitoba with intentions to sell it off. Some friends convinced me to take it for ride first, promptly blew primary clutch. While it was at shop, compression tested lower than I like. There’s a rebuild. Guess I’m in it for too much to recoup. Here’s a couple pics of what I’m starting with.

I added USI Triple Threat X2 skis for $100 Canadian used. 076C0032-44AA-46C7-97DC-EA47CD652F19.jpeg DE05AF07-2F6D-4383-A093-9E0D06DD2A4A.jpeg
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Since this ones gonna be an extreme budget, brand loyalty is gonna be out the window. I’ll deal with a seat cover perhaps later on

a friend donated a picked over 05 RMK, so I will be using the seat, tank, tank shroud, rear grab bar, and part of tunnel for an extension. Original Tunnel is getting stripped and polished first. I really dig the difference in seat shape. AE85F8D3-1841-4C98-992C-254AF24F6D15.jpeg 8B03CD65-6981-489C-BBBE-E979BDA354E3.jpeg

Future plans are to do a skid/track swap to either a 144 or 151 track. Waiting for offseason prices to hit the used market.
Also on shopping list is updated bars, adjustable bar riser, custom running boards.
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