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Video Cameras?


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Aug 2, 2008
Aurora, CO
Helmet Cams?

I'm thinking about buying a POV helmet cam for sledding....So many to choose from...who uses what and what do you think about them? I'm worried about battery life and editability, as well as video quality and ease of use. HD or not? Thanks!
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Jun 22, 2008
Definately go HD.

In my opinion there are only 3 cameras to choose between

1-the contour HD
pros:small, good battery life, rotating lense, good mounts

cons:the memory card is small like one you have to put in a phone, not an SD card. I hear that sometimes the back hatch can come open as well when not wanted, and unlike the gopro and 170HD there is no screen on the camera to line up the shot while riding only lazers to do it at home

2-GoPro HD
pros: good battery life, good mounts, good picture quality, weighes like 2oz.

cons-i personally dont like it cause of it's square shape

3-170HD by Drift Innovations
pros: uses SD card for memory, good strong build, light, rubbery cylicone feel, light, fairly good mounts, i think it has the best picture quality in low light and direct light out of the two, it comes with a wireless wrist remote to start and stop recording on the device, a rotating lense if the camera is turned sideways, and a screen on the side to line up/watch video.

cons:no suction mont came with the camera only a headstrap mount, goggle mount, handle bar mount, and some other mounts that can be secured with what i would consider dinkey velcrow. cause no velcrow is relable

Well i think you can tell by my 3 reviews which camera i own (170HD) but really i like the 170 alot and as for the suction mount which i really wanted i just bought a real heavy duty strong mount from RAM mounts for like $15 bucks but real high quality.
LOVE My GoPro!!

I can't speak for the other products that are available today, but I will tell you that My HD GoPro is unbelievable in reliability and quality. I put a 32 gig card in it and I always carry an extra battery in my pack. The moving stills that it can take are crystal clear. My favorite mounts are the suction mount on my hood and my custom chin mount that I made puts the camera at almost nose level. The perfect POV! Plus the fact that the buttons of the camera are right in front of your nose! I don't like the top of the hemet mount because it looks like someone is taking the video, standing on a step ladder. The side helmet mount is going to have the side of the helmet and the visor in your movie the intire time. If this doesn't bother you, than that's OK. Some of these riders need to adjust the POV of the camera so the viewers are not looking at the snow two feet in front of the hood. Here are a few pic of the chin mount that I made for my Moto Cross helmet. Very easy to make. Take the decorator plate off of your helmet and make a template out of poster board. Leave yourself a couple of opposite tabs to bolt it to the helmet. Take it to a local sheet metal shop and have them bend one up for you in aluminum. Should be less than 20 bucks. The front of the plate should be tall and wide enough to stick the flat mounting plate from GoPro to it. Attach the curved swing are to it and your ready to go. And NO there is no fogging from my breath!



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Feb 7, 2011
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