Vent Kit for Clutch Gaurd 07 Rev?

Does anybody make a vent kit for the plastic shroud that is attached to my clutch guard, I want to remove it so my clutch will stay cooler but I don't want to worry about snow getting between the belt and my clutch or reapplying duck tape to we plastic to fill in the stock body panel holes when I'm playing in the powder.

dude just cut it off
99% of REV owners cut it off to keep the clutches cooler

I never have an issue w snow getting in
It's gone, I didn't cut it, I just drilled out the rivets. I want to replace it though with a "mesh" version. My Mcat is the same way and when I pow turn to the left snow gets into the clutch area and causes the belt to skip.. I had to wrap the ****er with duck tape to stop that from happening lol.
Nov 27, 2007
Calgary, AB
yes ditch all plastic covers and foam in the engine compartment. Then use plastic door screen from Home Depot or SLP prefilter material to block off all openings on the side panels and hood. Use plumbers goop to glue them down, its clear and holds like cement.
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