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Valdez vs the Storm Parka


New member
Sep 29, 2014
I am looking at getting either the Valdez or the Storm parka this year. I'm wondering which one people prefer. I can only assume the Valdez is better since it costs more? The two things I didn't like about the Valdez when I tried it on. The arms are uncomfortable when not in a riding position. Since the cut is not straight they bunch up when your arms are at your side. For anyone who has owned this do you get used to it, and does the cut make a difference when riding?

It also felt a little small, I tried on an XL and it was snug. I am 6' 220LBS and usually and XL is always the perfect size. I am worried with my base layers that it will be too tight. The store by my house didn't have an XXL to try on.

They also did not have a Storm for me to try on. Overall what are the main advantages of the Valdez over the Storm? For those who has owned either what is your preference. I'm also open to any other suggestions for Klim jackets. I ride in Utah and pretty much only do back country riding. The only time I trail ride is when going in and out of our cabin, and if I am going on a short ride with my wife and she wants some less adventurous.

All help is welcome and I appreciate any suggestions.
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