Used Kits to look for?

Dec 28, 2018
So just sold my sled and im going to jump in this year ive done my homework as to where im just going in circles confusing myself on what i should get for a kit. i Have a 2017 husky Fe 501 that ill be using for the bike, If could I would get the get the riot 3 129 and just be done with it but im not sure I can swing the price on the new kit but to me that looks like the kit that would fit me best. Ill be mostly riding deep snow Valemount/ Mcbride area (BC Canada), im guessing tree riding moderate climbing probably going to test the limitations of my skills long before i get to any mechanical limitations. So just looking for some opinions on what used kits to look for I like how the riot looks and sounds but worry about the larger bike powering through a 120 mabe? and also the deep snow capabilities mabe look for one of the aro 129 or yeti 129 kits anything to shy away from my budget for a kit would be around that 5000$ CDN for the kit. I know I need alot more for the bike to be ready than just a kit but have to styart somewhere. wanting to stick to timbersled, yeti or camso as there just doesnt seem like any of the other brands around up here that I have seen. Thanks everyone.


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Nov 27, 2007
Missoula, Montana
can't go wrong with an ARO kit, around W MONT., lots of used kits and I see used ARO for $2500 and less. I think the RIOT overall a better kit, but no used ones around this country. Very few sold . I ride a KTM 500 w/120 Riot, goes and riding skill bigger than track length.
Jan 14, 2004
Thats 5000 Cdn closer to USD $3500. The snow you are describing is dry, generally so you will want a 129 minimum. I've ridden the 501 with a 2021 Yeti 129 a bunch and it'll go anywhere, its pretty much a diesel. Id stay away from any Yeti's with Maxtracs I or II which is probably going to put you out of the $5k range for a Yeti. You should be able to get an Aro for that, I'm personally not a fan of how they ride but each to their own.... Depending on your weight the Camso is a pretty good option and they are cheap to buy. If you are over 180 then pass on the Camso.



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Dec 4, 2007
I think some riot’s will pop up soon. Alot of people snowchecked the riot 3. I will probably be selling my LE for about 3500 next fall.
Dec 14, 2009
You want something comparable to what your riding buddies have. It's not as much fun trying to keep up climbing with a 3" track on a 120 and it's not as much fun chasing a 120 around in tight terrain on a
longer track.
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