University of Colorado Avalanche Survey with BCA.


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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
My name is Kelly Longe, and I am an undergraduate researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Recently, I have had an opportunity to work with the fine folks at Backcountry Access in developing a study looking at group decision-making processes in avalanche terrain. The purpose of our research is to develop our understanding of why people might be making riskier decisions in groups based on various social factors.

A big component of making this research successful is getting a large number of people to participate. I am writing you today to ask your help in getting this survey out there to the public—via Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, etc. Your help in distributing this survey is invaluable—it literally makes or breaks our project. As a token of our appreciation to everyone helping out and participating, we are offering 20% off of BCA products through April 23<sup>rd</sup>. Simply complete the survey (takes about 30 minutes) and use the code provided at the end.

In order to help us out, copy and paste the survey link below into a post on whatever platform works best for you. That’s it!
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