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May 29, 2011
SLC/Samak, Ut
Just a heads up to those still riding. the hwy 150 gate a soapstone is closed and as of yesterday pm it's becoming a long dry ride. by the end of the day today i'd expect a patchwork all the way to the spring canyon turnoff (just before cobblerest) w/ dry road for the first mile. the road is bumped out as usual and much smoother above trial lake. lakes are still frozen with signs of thawing around edges. trees are holding heat and less supportable as are buried rocks near the surface. good riding can be had in the morning and afternoon by paying attention to the aspects.

i'd expect the gate to open next weekend with the coming high temps and possible weekend rain but who knows. also not sure if they have any plans to plow this year.
Feb 17, 2019
Thanks so much for the update!! Still lots of snow up high. Hope they get on with opening the gate and clearing the road so we can unload where the snow has moved up hill to... I was out past Nobletts parking lot a few days ago. Sounds similar to mirror lake. Gate was closed, and the road was basically bare pavement up to the mill hollow turnoff.

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