Two M8s


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Apr 6, 2004
No. Nevada
Sold off trailer and sled deck. Lots of parts clothing and the two sleds still left. Here are recent pics of both. If you want the turbo 3K includes a lot of spare stuff. both for 5K will include everything: dozens of spare belts, work lift, spare diamond drives, oil, covers, extra boss seats, extra hood(Diamond S).... a jackpot of stuff for these sleds.

I have two 156 Arctic Cat M8s (with electronic reverse)

Turbo M8(Black): OVS style turbo package with some of my own drivability/reliability mods: Tial 2871 - 4" Intake housing w/fresh CHRA,.. Single throttle body system w 4 injectors,.. Intercooler, Fueling programmed for 12-17+ lbs of boost ( running at 13 on av gas when I parked it). OVS Quiet Muffler, AEM O2/Boost guage, fuel and turbo oil primer system for easy starts, Hot start switch with antiflood resistor, crossfire rear cooler keeps it very cool....etc.
Av gas, and single throttle body makes for very responsive bottom end power.
Big mag weights set at 88 grams, secondary running 40-46.
It has a Diamond S hood, Lightweight Boss seat, M10 air ride suspension with a Timbersled 38" front suspension.
It sports a 156 2.5 camo track. The tunnels are set up for 162 tracks, just had more fun with 156.

M8(Orange): The other has a stock 09 motor in it. It is set up so that the turbo stuff would all swap over if needed.... never needed. The chassis has cat float suspension. Nothing fancy about this one, just a clean well setup sled. Both have the back of tunnel reworked for deep snow and cross fire coolers to keep em reliable.

Both, for 5k If you just want the turbo sled only $3000. Located in Reno, NV. Can help meet up somewhere if not local. sled1.jpg sled1.jpg sled3.jpg sled2.jpg sled4.jpg sled7.jpg sled5.jpg sled6.jpg
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