turbo/stock parts


Oct 12, 2008
Central Alberta
-pair of avid drivers, 8 tooth 3 pitch for apex, 15-20 % worn
-front 2 bulkheads of an apex
-set of caged reeds for an 06 iq rmk 700, with extra reed petals
-turbo xs boost controller off an apex
-front cross shaft in stock yamaha 162 skid
-polaris idler wheels (black and red)
-3x skidoo belts
-yamaha vmax chaincase gears and chain, 2x belts
-inovate LC-1 wideband lambda sensor controlller, air/fuel gauge, and 2x a/f sensors
-rapid bike 3, 3 bar sensor, comes with directions and CD driver for mapping
-pure logic fuel controller
-mountain mod apex windshield (black)
-garrett 2860 turbo, new bearings, new wastegate setup and full boondocker exhaust kit
-stock apex 162 tunnel with coolers and drop brackets
-stock 162 tunnel with 174 extension on it, comes with coolers and drop brackets (dropped and rolled for avid extended chaincase)
-misc 05 rev clutch parts
-stock 06 polaris iq rmk hood
-plastic tunnel cover piece, dash, windshield, light fixture, airbox from 06 polaris iq rmk 700
-stock blue apex hood
-05 rev skis with skags 60% worn
-stock cam, timing chain and oil pump chain all like new, out of an apex
-black 5 inch idler wheels from an apex
-rear suspension pieces out of a stock 162 apex, with possibility that 174 ice age rails will be for sale also
-apex cover modded to fit high handlebars
-mountain mod apex seat
-stock windshield off 01 800 rmk
-tunnel extensions off 01 800 rmk and summit
-heat exchanger for apex, bent
-defi gauges and data logger
etc, lots of misc parts

pm me with an offer
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