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Tunnel Bags

Via Abel Davis, lead guide at Central Oregon Adventures: "The Giant Loop Snow gear is holding up great! Every day I’m finding a new use for it. I have recommended that all of our guide sleds be outfitted with the Torngat Tunnel Bag as well as our multi-day trip sleds. The smaller Revy Tunnel Bag (in pic) is a great way to bring extra survival gear so that your backpack isn’t so heavy!"



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Feb 8, 2008
this bag is great and lays a lot lower than the BRP bag.

It is a great way to carry extra stuff that needs to be dry and packed tight like a camera, electronic equipment extra clothes..It also is great how it mounts to the Q link system We sell and stock a lot of Giant Loop bags and they work great. We never have any warranty issues or problems with them. it is nice to sell a bag that is as tough as the equipment we sell.
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