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Dec 10, 2011
Have you ever wanted to ride out west and wondered exactly what it will cost?

Well here is my total trip cost for Alpine, Wyoming two weeks ago - 7 nights stay with 6 days of riding. Renting a 2015 Ski Doo Summit 800.

Air fare & checked bag - $530
7 nights cabin Rental - $460
Groceries - $75
Sled rental (6 days plus insurance) $1,245 (kept them overnight)
Sled Gas & Oil - $140
Rental SUV & Gas - $40
Total cost - $2,490

This is "per person" based on how we did it. It's well worth it to ride areas like this! Prices can go up or down depending on how many people are in the group or what you choose for lodging.

I grew up in the Tug Hill area of New York and now live near Rochester and ride the tug as much as possible. For years I lived out west and became addicted to riding in the mountains and try to get out there every chance I can get. Last year the trip was to Colorado and it was great but Alpine Wyoming was a blast. We liked it so much there we are setting up a trip next year to Alpine again.

I'm considering another trip this season as well if I can find others interested. If taking a trip this season or next interests you, post up, here is your chance.
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