triple PRO RMK


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Nov 3, 2018
Been doing a lot of research lately and havent been doing much building on the sled other than installing some tunnel reinforcement plates from fastrax, and a new 64 series digitron gauge.

I pulled my old 1200 out of the prox and found an awesome home for the chassis as it will have a 1350 UBR WC triple and become a tar/asphalt sled and will be restored back to new and perfect condition.

Ive been doing some back and forth with crankshop, im sending them a motor plate to mock up pipes in a pro rmk we sourced at their shop so they can fit pipes.

I am seeing how much interest this could generate to build more plates and if crankshop can build fitted pipes for this application on a more regular basis for more people.

I will be shipping them a plate after thanksgiving and they told me 2 weeks out on building the pipes. I was going to fit them myself but Im trying to figure out if theres any interest for more people into building a big triple pro. If this winter the 1200 works out then ill do another with my 1500 cat in one come next season. I also have a buddy who we will be putting his cat 1000 twin big bore into one as well.
I just bought a 1200 W/C motor. Was planning an IQR but I'm very interested in doing a Pro instead.
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