Triple axle?


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Sep 30, 2012
Aberdeen, South Dakota
How many of you guys have triple axle bumper trailers? Wondering if there is much of a benefit (if any) of going with a triple axle vs. a tandem axle enclosed which is what our current trailer is. Maybe a triple axle would sway less in high winds?


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Feb 2, 2011
Idaho Falls, ID
Unless you're using it to haul a lot of weight, I wouldn't get triple axles. One could argue the fact of more tire contact on the road, but I don't think that would offset the extra cost of getting a triple vs tandem trailer and the costs of the extra set of tires. One other thing, triples do not like tight radius turns a tandem can do. I usually replace trailer tires around the 4 year mark, rarely do they ever wear out, they dry out and get the side wall cracks.


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Jan 4, 2008
Boise, ID
i lost a wheel on a tandem axle out of state a couple years ago. got a triple shortly after. its saved us twice in the last couple years pulling to a race bc we had a flat and could keep on going.

IMO it smooths out bumps a fair amount but the real benefit is redundancy with tires/capacity?

trailer is a 33' and weights approx 14-16k loaded.


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Nov 26, 2007
West fargo, ND
I have a legend 7x31 triple axle. I would say the triples certainly smooth out the ride. I to have had trouble with tires so when I ordered this one I thought the more the better. As far as sway control, that's hard to say. When I get in 25+ mph winds I can tell the trailer is back there, i'm not sure how tandems would compare.
Triples look great as well!


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Nov 26, 2007
Oakley, ID
My 8x34 triple axle hauls 8 and feels the same as my 8x28 tandem hauling 5.
Never noticed much difference in turning radius between the two.
Extra length does obviously catch more wind, but I love my triple for carrying capacity.


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Feb 8, 2010
Towed a triple sledding for 8 or so years , like 80,000 plus miles, and now a tandem the lasts 2 winters. If I were to do it over I with out a doubt would buy another triple axle, tows night and day better IMO, so much less sway, you barely notice the trailer is there. If I was only driving an hour to sled I would just buy a tandem, but when we put on 1,000 miles a day and are only pulling off to put fuel in at a truck stop its a no brainer IMO to have that extra axle for stability when the wind picks up. It SUCKS being white knuckled on DRY roads cuz the azz end of your truck is getting kicked out.

Yes it is a little tougher getting turned around in tighter spaces, but you just need to be aware and plan ahead- and its no big deal.
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