Tricked Toys tow-behind-sleigh hitches for a 2020 Summit X

Nov 16, 2016
We snowmobile in to several lodges . Shuttle services are available, but we prefer to pack our own supplies in.
We have three of the Tricked Toys sleigh hitches in our group.
These are quick and easy to install and remove. I can easily recommend them for the early style bumpers.

You can see here how they attach.


However, these do not work with the later style bumpers.
I've emailed the staff at Tricked Toys, but have yet to hear back from them.

Do any of you use another product that fits the later style Skidoo bumper?


Nov 16, 2016
Thank you.... that will no doubt work very well.

However, one of the nice features with the Tricked Toys hitch, is that it is quickly removable once you reach your destination.
I prefer to NOT ride with a receiver hitch still attached to my bumper.

By the way, I plan to lengthen the tow bars on the sleighs. They are a bit too short, which creates a rather steep angle when connected to the sled.
Jun 15, 2020
[QUOTE = "Рик Э, сообщение: 4372826, участник: 143832"]
Кстати, на санях фаркопы планирую удлинить. Они слишком короткие, что довольно крутой угол при соединении с санями
Возможно нужно удлинить прицепное саней, а не фаркоп. За крюк можно вытягивать снегоход из запила

(((((By the way, I plan to lengthen the towbars on the sleigh. They are too short, which is a rather steep angle when connecting to the sled. Perhaps the draw-in sled needs to be lengthened rather than the hitch. The hook can be used to pull the snowmobile out of)))))

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