track extension troubles


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Dec 7, 2007
i have a 02 mountain cat and am extending it from a 144 to 151. i purchased a rail extension kit from tracks usa. the problem i am having, is that while installing the new track, it is so tight, i cant even get the rear axle into the notches on the rail. also, while installing the skid, i had to remove the rear axle so i could get the skid bolted up. i am wondering if i can get by w/o the rail ext.:help::help:
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That extension looks too long. You are really only putting 3.5" more track on the ground. The window for that extension axle adjustment should begin where your old suspension window ended probably. Maybe you got a 154" extension by accident.

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Nov 15, 2008
Mancos, CO
What he said. :) Check that the extension they gave you is only moving the axle window back 3.5-4". If more, they they may have given you the wrong one. Hmm, looking at the picture, it doesn't look like it could be much shorter, as I think I see the end of the original rail through the window...

Can you move other suspension parts to different holes and get a little that way? If that's a 151" track, it appears you might need a 154" track instead...

?? Otherwise, push harder and hope it stretches... ??
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