TPS fail?

Feb 28, 2011
Anyone had any problems with their TPS fritzing out? I have a 2010 MTX all stock. In the parking lot I was messing with the wires to a dead hand warmer and it started to show a code 15 and shut down. Previously I was having problems with the TORS whenever I got snow in the throttle so I've over ran that by connecting the two wires which were close to where I was testing voltage for the hand warmer.
I've ran diagnostics and the numbers jump all over. At times it's stable and others it drops. I brought the TPS inside to test resistance and it's good, 4.6. So I put it back in and the best adjustment I can get is 19 at closed and 89 at open using the diagnostic. But then I'll turn it off, turn it back on and I have a code 15. Traced the wires and no breaks and put some diaelectric grease on everything but it's totally spastic. When it's freaking out I get numbers like 5 at closed and 40 open, but then it will jump. I've never gotten above 89 no mater how I move the TPS. No idle or hesitation when it's working either.
Should I replace the TPS or is the issue elsewhere. I have a little play in the throttle lever. Unfortunately I'm about four hours to the nearest dealer.
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