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toms 3-d arms ramps set up

If you have a 2016 skidoo or older then you need to check out Toms Snowmobiles clutch set up. He has custom 3-d arms, ramps, sets the spring and weights. I first did this to my 2012 free ride and my sled was a bat out of hell. we dialed in the pull so it was set up for backcountry riding and my riding style. quick to get rpm's, and it holds with no fade on long pulls. my 2014 preformed better than other sleds with stage 3 set ups. all I had was toms clutching and an exhaust can.... people asked what I had done to the motor, and Im like, nothing, just clutching..... same for my 2016 summit.... so do you want a great upgrade for your performance and a no fuss advantage? hit up Toms.....
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