To Can or not to Can,, Switch oil or not


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Jan 16, 2013
Cold pours on oils:
I hope I don't offend anyone, but that video is for suckers. After watching it, I concluded that Amsoil was the worst of the bunch. I'm amazed they put that out there. Without showing us what the viscosity looks like at say 120F, or some other normal operating temp, one would have to conclude that Amsoil has a warm viscosity closest to water. And that's very bad.


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Dec 13, 2007
^exactly. manufacturer has set the pump for ctech's viscosity. amsoil shamsoil I run ctech in my garden tools and they sing!
Nov 11, 2003
Redding Ca
^exactly. manufacturer has set the pump for ctech's viscosity. amsoil shamsoil I run ctech in my garden tools and they sing!
Didn't want this to turn into an amsoil bashing thread cuz I know the stuff works it just may not work with the electronic oil pumps , at this point in time I agree the ctec2 was made for this set up with this pump so that's what will get run in it bought a case of gallons when I bought the new sled ???


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Jul 7, 2009
Everyone is obsessed about these "cold flow tests". Having good "cold flow" properties is a double edged sword. In order for the oil to "flow" better, more solvent is added to the oil. But as more solvent is added, it deducts from the oils other properties like film strength. This is why AMSOIL offers a dominator product, in which its #1 focus is just that: film strength. Its designed to be used in a machine that is kept in a heated trailer overnight, rebuilt ever season, etc.
SO WHAT OIL DO YOU RUN? Your OE has spent tens of thousands of dollars designing a formula, im going to assume they have done the correct leg work


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Dec 5, 2008
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I would be curious to know just how warm your oil in the tank/pump is throughout a day of riding in "average" temps. -40 is extreme. I'll stay in at that. I rode in -30 a couple of times and it was not fun. But my point is that cold heavy oil does't pump with either a electric or mechanical pump. So does the test really matter? I am a Amsoil fan. Been using it for years in my cats and have had zero issues. Several sleds with over 5000 miles and never had the head off. Cleaning valves every fall became unnecessary vs. other oils I have tried.
That being said, Both my '19 and my wife's '20 C-Tech are both being fed Cat oil. For warranty claims (just in case) and because they don't burn through oil like the zuke's did so its just not that big of a deal to buy some.


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Nov 26, 2007
For most people, I would guess that a cold flow test of 0 degrees F would be a better indicator. Also, I would guess that a flow test at some higher temperature would also be in order as well because during a day of riding off trail, I'm guessing the temps under the hood are well above the outside temperature.

Personally, I would run C-tec at least until the warranty period is over. Doing so also has the added benefit of allowing more time for empirical results from users of other oils.
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