• 1. While the brand specific areas are no doubt great areas to find specific information on your sled and model, these areas usually lack information from members who are very knowledgeably about OTHER sleds, setup, etc. Simply because X-Member who rides a Ski-Doo does not go into the Polaris areas that often and vice versa (When was the last time you Polaris riders went into the Yamaha area? Yamaha riders when was the last time you were in the Cat section?)

    2. I know there will be clutch threads in these brand specific areas and that is fine, but by posting your clutching questions or advice in this clutching area you will be sharing with a much larger audience. So while X-Rider might not ride the same sled as Y-Rider, he might still have some info to share that will help riders of all brands with their setup.

    3. This are will eventually contain everything from how to properly break-in a belt, places that sell clutch parts, a tools section, setups, troubleshooting, rebuild info, spring rates, gearing information, etc, etc.

    Thanks to those who contribute and I hope those that know a lot about clutching jump in and get involved. You know who you are!

    You will also see that there have been other stickies in this area for each major brand. Within these stickies you will find links to other threads and areas that we think have some value. There is troubleshooting, setup, and general help threads in each. Remember to browse the other brands for they will contain tips that can be applied to any brand of clutch.

    Below are a couple of links to two great books that are helpful to those who wish to learn more about clutching. I have read one cover to cover several times and have the other on order.

    Olav Aaen's Clutch Tuning Handbook

    Cutler's Clutch Tuning Handbook

    Currently not available, not sure when it will go back into print

    Also if anyone has anything that needs to be added to this please shoot me a PM!

Tied Clutch Lightening


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Oct 30, 2008
Billings MT
Posted this in the cat section, but since there's more than one brand of sled the Tied secondary can go on I figured I'd throw it in here too.
With lightening clutch components becoming popular (primary covers, Ti pins and bolts, primary and secondary machining, lighter secondary spiders, etc.) has anyone inquired or had a shop do any machining to lighten a Team/Venom Tied clutch? Either on the sheaves or the roller spider inside. When I swapped a 2018 primary and tied secondary to my 2014 the net weight gain was 1.6lb over the stock clutches. Would like to take some of that back off if it could be done reasonably.
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