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Thundercat M 1 Project

1998 T Cat 1000 In M Chassis 2003M Chassis ZR 900. Well got engine in with stock pipes also, Bit tight but doable. Had questions for the Sled Experts. Thundercat engines. For replacement pistons these wossner Pistons. Has anyone used them? Also who does good crank shaft work , Like crank rebuild and weld. I imagine its prudent to weld while getting it redone? or is this not necessary. The engine is stock. Thankyou Mike


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Dec 31, 2007
Crank welding

i like John's work down at Northern Crankshaft in Minn.
Always good to weld those cranks.


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Nov 26, 2007
Lewiston, id
There is a guy called Cranky Joe in spokane. Has been fixing cranks as long as i can remember. An affordable too. He fixed my bent 900 crank for $50.. If you call some dealers around the area they might have his number. He doesn't advertise at all because he has plenty of work.
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