Thumbs up to Mountain Assault Seat


Jan 23, 2008
Watrous Sask
Have a few rides in on the new seat. This seat is the way it sled should have came from the factory can't say enough good about the new riding position perfect, quality A1 and the foam is breaking in to be just right, helps to soak up the ruff stuff. Money well spent. I had the new cover and foam shiped to me from altitudeperformance in Calgary good to deal with then had Brethwaits upolstrey shop in saskatoon put it on my seat pan I was going to do it but concluded the $40 would be well spent to have a pro and no rips or crap fit. It will be a bit more work to throw a leg over mountian ridding but I only have the joy of ridding there a couple times a year. Pics for comparison.


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