This forum is thirsty AF

Feb 6, 2019
Holly crap I was doodling around on the web today and noticed a Polaris iqr picture thread. Not a surprise but it is limited to how many posts u see as a non registered user. No biggie I can happily sign up to see some cool sleds people are wanting to show off. After signing up and then going back to that cool thread I find out you want money to see more of the threads pictures. It’s not like it’s an article that costs money to make or someone is giving away precious info on how to do something. It’s a show off your cool sled thread why in the world are you demanding money? Anyways rant over I’m probably not even going to be back to see if there are any comments on here I’m just posting this to let u know where I stand. ✌


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Nov 1, 2008
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Just for reference.
As a Free non-paid member, you have access to about 97% of all posts on the forum.

There are VERY few threads that cross the 100 post cutoff limit.
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