Thinking of Upgrading

Dec 15, 2020
Hello everyone, new to Snowest and snowbiking for that matter. I bought a 2016 YZ450F and a 2019 Camso dts 129 last year second hand and have about 6 rides on the kit. It is a great kit, but I have picked up the sport fairly quickly and have been thinking about an upgrade for either later this year or next year. I have been looking into the TS Aro 3, but know it's not a mono rail design like the Camso, will this affect maneuverability at all? I'm an avid dirt biker so the Camso caught my attention as a cheap starting point with a great track and the mono rail design to mimic a dirt bike. I ride anything from the heavier snow to dry blower powder. I would also like to do jumps but haven't jumped the Camso as I have heard it's not good for that. My bike just has an FMF powercore 4 slip on for performance mods, should I be fine going to the 3" paddle? Thanks for any information.
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