The new klim knew pac?

I currently have a BCA stash 20 rider backback that is 12+ years old. I love it because the water tube and bladder never freeze up. I’ve been looking to upgrade though to have a little more room. I like the idea of the klim krew pac but have a friend that has one of their older bags and his water line is always frozen. Does anyone have any experience with the newer backpacks? Do they tend to freeze still?

Does anyone have personal experience with the newest BCA stash throttle to compare with the klim knew pac?


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Nov 29, 2007
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While I can't speak to the specific Klim pack you ask about - I learned that I always had to genlty blow the water in the line back into the pack so that it didn't freeze...... Independent of who made the pack. Even if I had an insulated line.
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