The lithium-air battery, the Toyota and BMW way


Jan 30, 2013
Calif., United States
Toyota Motor Corp and BMW AG are presently at work on a lithium-air battery design for hybrid and electric vehicles. The battery product will apparently be more powerful than present Prius and eQ lithium-ion batteries. The two car makers are also at work on a hydrogen fuel cell system that should be ready by 2020, according to Toyota sources. BMW has revealed that a launch date for the technology has not been resolved. When have you needed more details concerning a pre-owned or new vehicle and resorted to an online search on “auto loan bank rate?” Your search is over, every piece of info you must have is located at! Want to know more info on Car Deal Expert? Click this link!

Not as much cost with a relationship

BMW and Toyota will be able to beat the competition and stay ahead with technology without having to pay too much cash. This is the beauty of the partnership on the lithium-air and hydrogen fuel cell projects.

"In order for FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) to become more widely used, it needs to be cheaper. That would require a great deal of time and cost for development," said Toyota Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, who led the development of the Prius hybrid vehicle. "By bringing together the wisdom of two companies, we can aim to make FCVs more popular much quicker."

Battery a high quality one

Many researchers have been looking for lithium-air solutions to make it so electric automobiles can go over 500 miles in one charge, including researchers at International Business Machines. The brand new technology will allow a lot more electricity to be stores in the battery and allow for the longer charge.

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Other projects

Toyota and BMW will be sharing a mid-sized sports car platform soon also. This is great for BMW because it needs to reduce emissions a ton by 2020. The car makers will be making a vehicle with lighter materials so it is more fuel-efficient.


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