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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
Published on Sep 15, 2014
At AvaTech, we have developed the first proactive avalanche safety system that instantly analyzes the snowpack and facilitates real-time sharing of this information to help individuals and groups to make better decisions. We started AvaTech because we’ve had our own close calls and even lost friends in avalanches. We are proud to announce the launch of our company and first products, the SP1 and AvaNet, to the mountain community.

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Avatech is a new company that has developed a digital snow probe used to help analyze snow conditions and give real time feed back to help predict and understand avalanches. This new digital probe is said to be the future of avalanche forecasting and also will give a better and more comprehensive analysis of the snow pack.
the SP1 from Avatech.

From the Avatech website they claim that:
“Our device, using a variety of sensors and algorithms, is designed to detect those problematic layer changes in the snowpack by measuring snow hardness as you probe.”
Digital snow profile from Avatech.

The big advantage I see with this tool is that it gives an up to date digital feed back to a main data center and with this large amounts of data can be collect fairly fast, analyzed and documented. This would be extremely useful for large resorts that do large scale avalanche control. Additionally backcountry riders could use this tool and have the data post to website or data base for future riders to review before heading out.
Avatech snow information data base layout.

This tool also saves lots of time and effort in digging and analyzing snow pits and thus would increase time spent riding and enjoying the terrain. I have been told that many avalanches forecasting organizations throughout North American are going to invest and test this tool this upcoming winter. Form this I would like to see what they think and there analysis of the tool. This could be the future of avalanche forecasting and hopefully with that comes fewer people caught in slides.
Snow profiles: hand dug, and Avatech.


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Nov 26, 2007
This is really going to help with forecasting. True game changer.

Upper level avalanche classes are essential for interpreting the information. Will really help in determining spatial variability and location of trigger points.

For information on upper level snowmobile specific avalanche classes where you can participate and access terrain on your snowmobile, please check out the Silverton Avalanche School.

Mike Duffy
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