Tahoe NF Travel Plan Meeting and survey


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Mar 30, 2012
Truckee, CA
Here is the list of meetings Tahoe NF will be holding... It sounds like a good way to show support and learn about the plan... all comments on the new plan are due 3/25/15 also there is a link to the website to add your input. There is a map so you can add specific areas or just general comments. you can also see all the comments that have been made already. So far only 4 people have commented on the map and all of them from people who want to shut down sleds in specific areas or change the rule from 6" to 18" Also there is another link to post letters of concern and only 11 people have posted here only one of these is snowmobile sportive. Please be nice when commenting we don't wanna come off the wrong way but we all need to give our input to keep our access!

March 2: Nevada City, Tahoe National Forest Supervisor’s Office (631 Coyote St)

March 3: Truckee, Truckee Ranger Station (10811 Stockrest Springs Road)

March 4: Sierraville, Sierraville Ranger Station (317 South Lincoln Street)

March 5: Sierra City, Sierra City Community Hall (13 Castagna Alley)

March 9: Foresthill, Foresthill Fire Department (24320 Main Street)

http://my.usgs.gov/ppgis/studio/launch/26649 This is the link to the map page... its kinda hard to figure out how to use but you can click on the different spots where people have made comments

https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public//CommentInput?Project=45914 This is the link for general comments

Here you can see the different letters that have come in...

I Talked to Michael J. Woodbridge, Public Affairs Officer, Tahoe National Forest, (530) 478-6205 today and he said all the meetings will be the same and we don't need to go to more than one to show support its just more informative.

I am planning on writing and filling out the map section after I here what they have to say. Either way you do it just make sure you do and do it by 3/25/15 Thank you


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Feb 12, 2010
carnelian bay ca.
Thankyou for posting these links.I went and left my opinion and hope others will also.Hoping they will not close the east side of the Castle peak area.

Looking thru the posted comments we as a group of sled users are greatly out numbered.I plan on attending meeting at the Truckee office.


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Feb 19, 2008
McCall, Idaho
If anyone rides snowmobiles they should be making a comment and stating their preference. This is and will be a continuing battle over the use of forest service/public lands in all of the western states. Even though snowmobilers contribute more to the economy of an area than any skiing program(probably ten to one) the skiers are the the most vocal group and have better financial backing.There are some landmark decisions at stake and if we don't stand up and defend ourselves, in the courts, we will be the last generation of "boondocking" snowmobilers. We will be like the snowmobilers back east that only have snow covered roads, utility corridors, and abandoned railroad right of ways to ride on.
Also, take a look at WWA (winter wildland alliance) and see who their financial backers are. Let those companies know your feelings. You would be surprised at how much you are supporting the very people that want you off/out of the forest.
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