sweet lorraine

Nov 26, 2007
with the season winding down, i was thinking it might be time for some reminiscing....sweet lorraine was a flight attendant with the company i worked for as a pilot....she was probably in her very early 30s, slim (but not too), beautiful smile, dark eyes, buxom (to say the least)...an outgoing audacious and bodacious personality, not shy about saying what was on her mind, and could hold conversation with any sailor or board president, unique set of talents...did i mention she was black as night and the life of a party wherever it was.....don't know of a soul that didn't like her as a person and loved to work with her, especially on our overnights....she had a particular practice of trying to embarrass the driver of the van that took us from the airport to the hotel, and so it was one very hot summer day in Joplin, Missouri....our transport was a six passenger station wagon driven by a young man, about 20 years of age...she always insisted on sitting right next to the driver, with a pilot next to the window and the other 3 crewmembers in the back seat (5 crewmembers total)....as we left the airport this day, she began to look casually (at first) at the driver, then more obviously looking him up and down, until be began to be nervous about the close attention he was getting from this girl....now lorraine had deliberately hiked her already short skirt up a couple of notches and made sure enough buttons on her blouse were undone so as to make her assets readily visible....she then turned her head about half way around so as to make a comment to Diane, another flight attendant in the back, which of course further opened up her blouse, and she began the conversation...."say Diane, how comes it is guys always seem to hang down the left side of their trouser leg?"....replied Diane, "well i don't know Lorraine but it does seem to be so!"....the young driver was definitely turning red at the conversation to say the least....says Lorraine "well my man Leroy, he always hang down the left side of his trouser leg too"...sweet Lorraine then turns completely around in the seat so she's facing backwards with her knees spread and into the junction of the seat and the seat back, and begins to go into graphic detail of how she gives oral to her man Leroy...."Leroy say "do this baby or do that baby" and he getting all hot and sayin' he love me and stuff...and Lorraine is bouncing and gyrating over the front seat, big boobs going this way and that, when Diane says "why, Lorraine, i believe you may be distracting the driver somewhat"....well, Lorraine stops and looks at the young driver and replies "why, Diane I think it may be so, I should have been more considerate of the driver"...so Lorraine slowly discontinues her act and begins to turn back around, being ever so careful to brush the drivers shoulder with her boobs as she turns and settles into her seat.....then Lorraine says to Diane, "say Diane, would you join me for drinks at the bar, at say 9:30 this evening?" "why of course I will" replies Diane....."might we also invite our driver to join us, that is if he's off-duty of course?"....just then we pull into the hotel and go our separate ways....the next morning i asked how their evening went...the two girls just laughed and said "what happens in Joplin, stays in Joplin" :face-icon-small-hap:face-icon-small-hap:face-icon-small-hap
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