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SW Colorado Forest revision


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Mar 11, 2018
The GMUG forest is doing a plan revision currently. Early estimates are 150,000 acres lost to sleds... Much of it isn't really an issue because they closed mostly lower elevation, unridable terrain. They did slate a 10,0000 acre motorized closure on the top of Red Mtn Pass. 15 years ago I beat the USFS and we kept ALL of the land on the east side of Hwy 550, this time they are going for the west side, and with some help from fellow sledders, I know I can save the west side too. Comments for this early stage due 7/29 but comment after that if you can!

Some bullet points...
Previously open to motorized since the last plan in 1983
Full of mining claims, many privately held still
Change would be inconsistent with the San Juan Forest right across the highway
Heli ski operation allowed in non motorized area? There is one here... them and not us?
We can show historic use, we have pictures.

Thanks for any help. I set up a page on FB too, Legends of the San Juans, come visit!
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