Suspension setup for lightweight riders ?

Feb 19, 2008
Summit co.CO
I’m looking for input on suspension setups regarding lightweight/ youth riders on full-size sleds.
My son is 12 and i have him on a 2015 Summit 600 Sport 146 (Carb- XP chassis). At the end of last season he started to get the sled on edge and can now carve, he loves sledding and seems to be very happy with his sled. He is about 95Lbs. I run the ski shocks on the softest spring setting, the rear torsion springs on the softest and the front track shock on the second position. The limiter strap is on the third hole from bottom( stock setting I believe).
Anyone else with youth riders on full size sleds, do you just run all shocks in the softest position? What about the limiter strap?
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