Suspension set up shop/person in Vancouver BC?

Hey folks!
Long time lurker (since December when I got my sled) first time poster!
I have a 2016 summit 800 T3 163 and it's got a bad shock in the front - and they're garbage to begin with, let's be honest - so I am thinking of getting Raptor shocks front and rear. But I only know suspension basics and not enough to properly set up a good system like that.
So my question is, does anyone know of a good suspension shop or a person who can set up my ride properly for me in the Vancouver area? I'd travel as far as Chilliwack or squamish. I know they send them roughly set up to you but I'm a female, 5'8" and not very heavy even with my gear on so I'm sure it would need tweaking after I install everything. No point spending the money if I can't set it up right, ya know??
Thank you!!


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Nov 26, 2007
I think if you call Raptor and talk with them about your sled and how much you weigh they could send you the shocks pretty much ready to install and ride.
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