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super clamps, Kwik Klamps?!

Nov 27, 2007
Bonney Lake
So I love my sled deck, Thanks Josh @ NCsleddecks.. Just hate fussin with the tie downs! just wondering what you all have used and would recomend or not.. anyone try making there own version? Thanks ,
Cheers to the flying snow and the Start of another epic year!:hurt::hurt:[/I]
Nov 27, 2007
Tacoma, Washington
I'd reccomend going with Superclamps. Sure they're a bit expensive (If you know someone you can get them for about $150 a piece)...but they're well worth it. I've spent more than enough time trying to thred screw-in tie downs into trailers after a long day of riding and I too can see how you get anoyed with it (snow, mud, ice build up in the holes etc.). Superclamps also allow you to just throw a pad lock on them and lock them to your deck/trailer....sure someone could probably jar the sled out from underneath it, but its going to be a huge pain in the azz. One vote for Superclamps.
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