Still Some Big Holes At LTS


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May 7, 2003
Sparks, NV
Some of our Reno group rode up at LTS yesterday and found some real nice new snow. One of the guys also found a real deep stream hole as we were making our way up to Mt. Lola(9100' +). He bailed off his sled just before it launched, otherwise it could have been ugly. His Doo landed on it's side and was halfway buried in the water/slush/ice mixture. Took us 2 hrs. to get it out of there. End result was wet feet and gloves and 6 tired dudes. Sled sustained no damage.

Kinda surprised that there are open stream holes up that high(8500'). We were about a 1/2 mile from Mt. Lola. With our lack of snow this season, a lot of streams haven't filled in. BEWARE!

Attaching some pics.


Apr 21, 2010
Yeah that kinda looks like a real sneaky one. All the insulating top layer hiding the liquid water underneath.
I've been learning that snow wants to turn liquid way more than I'd think. Swear I've been out sledding on a 17 degree day and rode by a few highly unexpected creek/stream openings,low,mid,and high elevations. Stating to wonder if our area just has high ground temps too besides high solar heat.
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