Spring Sled Fest! May 18th Cooke City

Big D rmk700

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Dec 3, 2001
New Ulm, Mn
Snow was good on friday do to the rain on Thursday, soften everything up got a little to cold Saturday night and got snow a little hard on Saturday I would say they got close to 5-6" fresh between Friday and when I left the mountain on Saturday around 3


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Oct 30, 2008
Billings MT
I was just thankful that it was cold enough up top for it to be snowing at times and not raining! Couple inches of fresh on top to lube the skid, cool the engine, and allow a guy to maneuver on the hard base so I won't complain about that. Could have done without the fog at times, but still had fun. Put 41 more miles on the sled to close out the year. The guys on the big upper ramp were sending it at the end of the day!


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Nov 1, 1998
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That was fun.

Did ANYONE get a video of the guy violently cartwheeling down the big upper jump?
That was a nasty one.


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It's been quite a while since I've been to Cooke, and was wondering if The Alpine is still owned by the same folk(s)?

As I recall, we had a kid here that rode an Alpine (seriously) and went by that, or similar name, and he and his mom ran the motel?
I haven't noticed him around lately. I'm sure that he is prolly 30 by now and possibly setting the world on fire elsewhere by now?

Doo I have my facts straight?
If so - what's the status on them?

Me and a chum stayed there one time - late season. The town was all but closed up for their own season break, and we didn't find anyone there, but we checked the drop box and there was a set of keys, so we helped our selves. When we went in to pay the next morning - we pretty much freaked mamma out as she had no clue that we were there. LOL!

This would have been before Bob put up The 6.

I have no clue when we are going back, but just curious and trying to keep up on my optional riding areas.

Is Ricky and ___??? (forget her name - but VERY capable woman!) still running the Exxon?

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