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Oct 15, 2013
Hello, my name is Gary and I am the Owner of The Snowmobile Network.

This network is targeted to people who snowmobile.

The Snowmobile Network is a fully functioning online webcast station.
We have the capabilities of any television station and we can also webcast live from any event.

We are presently webcasting and reviewing Snowmobile Videos all day everyday on three websites.

1. Snowest Forum listed under the Snowmakers Category - A Snowmobile Network. www.snowest.com.
2. The Snowmobile Network. www.sledtvnetwork.com.
3. Sled Tug Hill. www.sledtughill.com.

You can have your companies video commercial placed in the video rotation in separate locations

Please tune into The Grip & Rip Live Snowmobile Show every Tuesday & Wednesday at 9 PM EST

What is special about advertising on The Snowmobile Network is that your advertising dollars are going directly
to your targeted audience snowmobilers.

Unlike radio or television which is expensive and is broadcast only to a small area.
The Snowmobile Network is on the web and worldwide.

Magazine ads are great but are published monthly and expensive.
The Snowmobile Network is inexpensive compared to the above mentioned advertisers.

Sign up today to receive our Ad Special of $10.00 a day which includes your video commercial inserted in two areas of the snowmobile video rotation which 1000's of Snowmobilers have watched'

If you have a Snowmobile Video or Snowmobile Show that you would like to be aired on The Snowmobile Channel please contact us.

The Snowmobile Network

We are now offering Snowest Members a Choice
You can choose between "The Snowmobile Network" & "Sled Tug Hill TV"
Just click on the Banner of your Choice

Video Review Schedule 3PM- 10 PM MT Once we have snow we will extend the schedule.
Please Review The Videos

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