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Sold my last 03/04/05 1M 600 & 900, so i am cleaning out my shop, parts.

Nov 26, 2007
NW Montana
Complete 2004 600 motor w/2000 miles, has fuel throttle body and injectors, ready to drop in, $600
Boss seat Red/Blk, fits all 1Ms condition 9/10, $300
Complete 05/900 hood with speedo and light assembly, condition 9/10, ready to bolt on, $150
Windshield, oem, condition 8/10, needs a cleaning, $40
Stock pipe, oem, 04/600, $50.
Exhaust manifold, oem, 04/600, $20
THING, light weight exhaust can, coated, 03-04/600s, might fit back to 98/600-500, condition 8, $125
Complete 1.25 driver assembly with anti ratchet 8T 3P drivers, fits all 1Ms, great upgrade for a 600, $125
EFI fuel pump, oem, 04/600, will fit others, $100
CDI control module, oem, EFI, 04/600, $150
Steering post, new in bag, 05/900, should fit all 1Ms, $80
Oil tank assembly, oem 04/600, should fit all 1Ms, $20
Coolant bottle, oem, 04/600, should fit all 1Ms, $15
Secondary clutch assembly, 04/600, oem, should fit all 1M's, $75
1M rear suspension drop brackets, $100
Rear rail extensions, 3 sets, various lengths, new in the bag, $75 each set.
CDI control module, oem, 04/900 carb, $75
Complete set of 40mm carbs, racked, oem, 05/900, $100
Complete set of 3 window EGT, racpak, has probes and temp probe, needs repair, $100
New seat cover, oem, 03/600-900, $50
Set of head light bulbs, oem, $20
Front bumper, oem, will fit all 1M's, new in bag, $50
Clutch gard, oem, fits all 1M's $40
New belt, 0627-010, softer version of the 0627-020, oem, $30
Handle bar risers, AMkt,

Have an assortment of A-arms, gears, fuel pumps, air boxes, and who knows what else. Just call me if your looking for something and I will look.

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