Soapstone Report


Jan 8, 2018
As promised here is the report from today's ride up Soapstone.
Parked at Soapstone parking lot and headed up swithchbacks.
For being groomed on the 13th there were moderate to big woops.
The jack A's who drove their side by sides clear to the pass didn't help. They made 1-2' ruts all the way up.
Snow on the trails if fine, but I wouldn't venture to far off.
We escaped a major catastrophe when i nicked a large rock and the wife hit it square with the right ski. Luckily she slowed when i warned her and was going very slow. Stopped her in her tracks and she banged a knee up a little. I thought the snow was deep enough, but there is no base, just enough to hide rocks. I was going slow and watching very carefully, but it was invisible. While eating lunch on top of a hill we witnessed at least 3 other hit small rocks. Go ahead and ride, but stay on the trail and enjoy the clean air and scenery until we get more snow. I need to come up with a cheap visible marker to mark these widowmakers. Talked to some other folks who went riding up Mirror lake Hwy and they said the same. Hope this was informative.
Let's get this forum more active and post reports!


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Nov 26, 2007
Good to hear. Pretty much as I figured. We need SNOW! It’s not looking good anytime soon


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Nov 12, 2012
Samak, UT
We rode Mirror Lake Saturday and Mill Hollow Sunday. Everything we got a couple weeks ago has settled quite a bit and would be perfect base if we would get another dump soon! If not we are going to have a rotten weak layer again, which is never ideal. We rode across Trial and ventured into the trees then turned right back around. Way too grim.
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