Snowmobile Insurance with Off Road Recovery.


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Nov 26, 2007
I have always had my snowmobiles insured with State Farm. It has been 20 years since I filed a claim. I ride the backcountry and had asked my agent years ago if my policy covers off road recovery and I was told that if the sled had physical damage they would pay for any recovery charges. Now today I took out a policy on my new sled and asked about the off road recovery and I was told they do not offer it anymore. So what insurance companies offer off road recovery protection. I read the fine print on some policies and the sled had to be within 100 ft of the road which is a total joke. I’d even pay extra for a policy that paid for real backcountry extraction for any reason be it physical damage or mechanical issue. So do any companies offer this? Thanks


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Jan 26, 2019
Pemberton BC
I was looking into insurance in BC this fall and came across a policy underwrote by Lloyd's of London that would insure against anything for declared value. For instance if you said your sled was worth 15000 and your deductible was $500. If it would cost less than $14500 to heli lift your sled out than that is what they would do
More than that and you get the check for $14500.
Cost was $600 CAD. I opted out in the end as were I live I only was really looking for recovery insurance and helis have a flat rate of a grand for a sled. So it was sort of 6 of one a half dozen of the other.
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