SnoWest New Feature: Treadmill


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Nov 1, 2008
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As previously mentioned in the "Letter to all SnoWest Members" one of the major new features we would add to SnoWest after the new servers were installed was the Treadmill.

12. Treadmill
This is a feature that our Moderators have been using for the last couple months that allows you to see ALL the posts on the entire SnoWest site in Real-Time. Are you a SnoWest junkie who just can't get enough? The Treadmill will open a page that will show you the Post Title, first sentence of the post, which forum and the posters name the moment they press the Submit Reply button. This is a live scrolling display that is extremely server intensive and can only now be offered to all the members after our new hardware is online. Ask any Moderator and they will tell you this is one of their favorite goodies..

The Treadmill is now Active.

When you click on NEW POSTS you will see it listed as the first item on the drop down menu.

Or, you can use this direct link.

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