SnoWest December Newsletter


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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
SnoWest Forum Member, This is your December 2010 Newsletter.

Premium Memberships..
Thousands of other SnoWest Members just like you have now upgraded and are enjoying all the benefits of Premium Membership listed here.

We have also created some NEW Premium features recently that do not appear on the list above.

50% less Ads

Premium members now enjoy significantly less ads which increases their forum speed by decreasing page load times!

SnoTel Custom Reports

Premium members can select their favorite SnoTel reporting stations to display a customized real-time snow report just for them.

If you would like to join the thousands of other SnoWest Premium members
Go to the main Black Menu Bar and click on USER-CP, then choose **Upgrade to Premium**.

New Forums
Recently we created some new forums that you might not be aware of.

Member Sled Builds
This forum can be found in the SnowMobiles > Performance/Modified forum.
The Member Sled Builds forum is a place to discuss all the mods you have done to your sled, especially major builds.
We started this over the summer as a place to follow along on long term build projects.

User Product Reviews
This forum can be found in the SnowTalk forum.
Finally a place where you can go to get honest opinions and evaluations of all the sled products out there.
If you have ever purchased a product, and have some thoughts you want to share with the world about it, this is the place!

Electronics Forum
This forum can be found in the SnowSafety & Land Use forum.
Looking for a place to discuss Beacons, Radios, GPS or mapping devices?
Come check out the Electronics Forums.

New Forum Features
This fall we added two new features that all SnoWest Members can take advantage of.

Embedded You-Tube Videos
Snowest now supports directly embedding You-Tube videos in your threads!
Details Here.

Embedded Google Maps
Snowest now supports directly embedding Google Maps into your threads.
Details Here

Yes, it finally happened

If you're a FaceBook member, we invite you to take a moment and come check out our new page.
So far 459 other SnoWester member have "Liked" us as their friends on Facebook.

Some interesting statistics on the SnoWest Forums
Threads: 184,819
Posts: 2,290,952
Total Members: 53,126

In the last 30 days...
Active Posting Members:
Guests: 125,000+
PageViewsi: 10 MILLION
Members online at the same time: 5,604 last Monday night!

Let there be no doubt, your SnoWest Forums are ROCKING right now!

Lastly, a special THANK YOU to our PREMIUM MEMBERS!!
In early November The SnoWest forums were seeing the effects of our growth and the unexpected early snowfall, this raised our traffic levels faster than we were planning on and caused our forum severs to crash several times on busy nights. As a result we invested some of our Premium Membership dues back into our servers and doubled the total amount of RAM in each of them, this extra memory allowed us to change out the entire database structure and make it MUCH more efficient and faster for all members.




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Nov 1, 2008
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The site will always remain free for those not interested in the premium features.

There are no plans nor any discussions about ever making this a pay only site.

The plan though is to keep increasing the benefits of paid membership and making the Premium Package more and more attractive as time goes by.


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Jan 18, 2010
Guests don't login, users do. So as long as you have a login you will continue to be a standard user.
Premium Features