snoscoot track info

Feb 7, 2017
Im new here and to sleds so please be nice if I dont have correct terms.

I have a first shot at a snoscoot but the track needs replacing. I see that people are putting on 120" tracks with taller lugs. No one seem to say how tall lugs will fit.

My question is how much room is there for clearance for the taller lugs up around the driver? Without modification of cutting and welding in that part of the sled. 1" or 1 1/2 inch tall?
Feb 27, 2009
sno scoot track height

On the Sno Scoot there is only room for approximately 7/8" high lug. The closest spot is were the shock mounts (under seat). You can easily measure from bracket to top of track and get your answer. Same issue if you put studs on stock track, studs usually are only 3/4" of an inch long. The 1988 Scoot DID NOT have the two plastic (white) bracket protectors. 1989 and 1990's do have them, along with about 7 other changes. If you put 121" track on you have to put different drivers on, from my memory, I believe the 7 tooth, 2.52" drivers are about 1/4" smaller in diameter than stock Scoot drivers. So if you go 121" you actually gain just a little clearance up front by track drivers. So if you go with 7/8" lug, you will keep same clearance by track drivers and lose some clearance under shock mount bracket.
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