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Sly dog powder hounds 8"


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Dec 1, 2007
too far from mountains Alberta Canada
After 300 miles or so with the ski I'm rather impressed with them.
They float nicely and hold a side hole better then any ski I have tried so far.
Only ? So far is if they will hold up to abuse. To me it looks like they will wear out faster then stockers.


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Mar 19, 2011
Vancouver Island
well, this afternoon i hit a small tree (because of a pocket just under the top layer of snow) with my 8" Powderhounds, and thought for sure my left ski would not go back to its original contour because it was bent back pretty severe for probably 10-15 mins while i cut the tree out from under it, and surprisingly enough it did. I find them to be a little too soft at times,(i'm 280 on a 1000RT) but today a lesser ski would have at least cracked, or damaged the lower A arm. This is my 2nd season on them and holding out well.
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