Sled themed DOG COLLARS are back - Treat your dog to a Skidoo, Arctic Cat, or Polaris collar


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Dec 28, 2010
Sled themed dog collars are back! $16.95 see links below.

We started these 4 years ago,and the sales have been great here on Snowest. The collars are made out of the common "thick webbing" that most collars are made out of. The cat/doo/polaris theme is sewn onto this structural webbing. This theme is a satin material similar to a key chain lanyard. You can expect the same strength as you would get out of any basic collar. It is not designed to restrain a 150 pound dog that's trying to chase the neighborhood cat out of the yard. Also, the satin material can be damaged if your dog is constantly scratching at the material, running through cockle burrs, etc...

Collars will be made as ordered. Please visit the website before asking questions as you will find all ordering, size, and color related answers on the site. If you have any questions after visiting the website, send a message to my wife here

If you'd like to place an order, please visit our website. (see links below)

Custom engraved tags are also available in several shapes and colors (see website). Leashes can be made as well. A 6 foot leash is $18. They are a special order item, and can be made in any length.

Polaris -

Arctic Cat -

Skidoo -

home page -

* these are the only 3 brands we have, please don't beg for anything else


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