Sled deck options

Nov 22, 2017
I just built my TX300 (separate post). I have a homemade deck with a Marlon ramp. Shorter one. With my ram 2500 and my deck which sits 2 inches above my bed, the angle was too much. I could not get traction and the bars were too high. Using a curb at about 5 inches the angle was reduced enough for me to comfortable reach the bars and keep traction to get it on the deck. What are my options to not have to rely on a snowbank. I would love a winch but have no experience. How to I power it and how do I keep it from rubbing?
Jan 8, 2017
Easy fix: spend $380 on the Caliber moto ramp pro or branded Timbersled ramp. It’s long, has good grip, wide enough to walk beside your bike as you load, very sturdy and, IMO, a no brainer if you have the cash.
Jan 14, 2004
Winch and a wheel kit is the action for a full height deck. It doesn't take much of a winch 2500-3000 lbs is lots. Switch the cable from steel to dyneema and let it rub it wont mark up anything. Make a quick release sling with hooks for the foot pegs and hook your winch cable to that after running it under the ski. I slap a couple of tie downs from the bars to the pegs then just stand there and watch it climb up. You will need to run a power cable from the front of the truck to the deck. depending on the winch will determine the gauge.


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Nov 27, 2007
Missoula, Montana
I got nothing but sympathy for you. Sled decks just don't work long term for snow bikes. And..........the last 15 years with pickup beds getting higher and higher and higher off the ground ..........? For what purpose ? They are becoming totally impractical vehicles for hauling period. A lot of electricians and carpenters and dirt movers have had to ditch the idea of a new work pickups because a 6 ft man cannot work out of the bed of a 2019 pickup, or and haul toys ! Its the ultimate $70,000 stupidity of fashion over function.

So yeah, now a winch is the answer to loading a 350 lb snow bike.
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