Important >>> Ski-Doo Summit 850 TURBO OEM at long last!!!!!!

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Nov 2, 2008
Northern alberta

It’s so good everyone in my group is probably gonna end up with 1!!!
I’ll never go back to non turbo gen4
It’s game over to any non turbo sled
No comparison!
Couple little notes/thoughts

Bars may be a little small for my large size hands

Running boards fixed!

Stiffer suspension than my 17X
I liked it!

Trail ride in no issue with overtemp

Clicker 1 8k -10k 8200 rpm max recall
Snow was so deep I never saw live tach on a pull, so will need weight added?
I can’t find a max rpm spec I assume 7900?

150 miles 40% break in runs flawless

Never thought I would care about electric start.. I will never have another sled without Shot!!

I made it all week without sore arms
It could have been from the over the hood snow.. Very easy to ride this sled hard! Because of the incredible track and ground speed you need to be paying attention!

Power delivery is smooth and predictable, linear! turbo is not overwhelming under full boost
But very noticeable! Combined with the amazing traction the Gen4 165 3” has
It just Pulls you on top of the snow where nonTurbo sleds we’re struggling in the super deep conditions.
Overall I’m very happy with this sled and decision! It was a little more than I wished to spend.. but after a week riding it I have no regrets!
I did get a 4year warranty @ the original
Sticker price.
Thank you Mike and Gerry @ Nielsons

1 extra thing to note
Fuel consumption is a tad more than the Expert 165 in the group..
But way less than the silber and Boondocker Rmk’s
Due to the 2.6” 163” tracks on the RMK’s
We couldn’t really compare on a hill climb.. but I could easily climb over and down to help dig them out! :)

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Im curious, how did you get a 4 year warranty on a inseason sled?
Is that a US offer?


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Feb 13, 2011
I rode the 850t today and second time on a g4 ever. That 850t is so smooth you can't even tell it has a turbo, except for the extra hp and blow off noise. It feels like a n.a sled just a bit more power. This was at 4000'.


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Oct 17, 2010
Northern IL.
Im curious, how did you get a 4 year warranty on a inseason sled?
Is that a US offer?
Not sure if it’s just US
But I live in the US
The warranty wasn’t available before Jan. 24th for me
That’s what pushed me into the decision

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Aug 8, 2011
Snow looks good!

I got one year of warranty...but that takes me through mid season next year. This sled sure seems to be well worked out, I have to think that any fluke issues it may develop will be worked out by then and brp can cover it. After that the typical modification process for me pretty well wipes out warranty anyway. So I’m good with it!


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Nov 26, 2007
I’m not 100% sure, but I think that guys who bought with only the 1yr warranty can add warranty up until there’s expires.
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