Ski Doo pDrive iBackshift how ramps work


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Nov 26, 2007
Thunder Bay, ont
How pdrive ramps work with a detailed, simplified explanation(s) hopefully won't make you fall asleep. I'll show what I learned of the difference in ramp positions defining "more aggressive" or "less aggressive", how a different ramp shape will get the primary engine clutch to push differently on the drive belt.

The Ski-Doo pDrive primary clutch is without a doubt, one of the greatest and most enjoyable “to tune” snowmobile CVT inventions. But how does the "ramp" or "cam arm" whichever you want to call it, work? Different ramp geometry controls how the ramp will push. Once you learn how these ramps work, then you can apply that knowledge, optimizing a ramp, achieving your objective for any category of sledding you do.

This video is the start, more pDrive tuning videos will follow.
Got questions on ramps - let me know in the youtube comments

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