Sicamous and Revy


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Dec 12, 2015
St cloud mn
Suggestions on a trip to BC. Was originally 100% set on Revy. After looking at how much Revy costs I noticed places to stay in Sicamous for half that. Google maps shows it a 55 min drive from eachother. How long is this typically in winter, I assume a bit longer. Instead of 6 days or riding in Revy are we better off staying in Sicamous and riding there 3ish days and driving to Revy for 3ish days?

Thoughts and suggestions welcome, its about a 24-26 drive from Minnesota. Also are they typically pretty well off by the middle of December, I know things change are always different, like last year where guys were out in OCT and it was good NOV.
Nov 11, 2010
Salmon Arm BC
Revy and Sicamous are about 45min from each other. In the winter could be an hour or often not at all due to highway closures for accidents or avalanche control. You wouldn't regret splitting your days between the two. One of the best areas is pretty much smack in the middle between the two.

Mid December is usually decent. Both locations get very tracked up during the holiday period between Christmas and New Years.


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Sep 13, 2013
We made our first trip up last winter in middle of January. Google said 26 hours for us 1630 miles one way I think. It ended up taking us ~30 hours stopping for fuel/ food otherwise drove straight through. We stayed at the glacier house in revy and rode frisby two days then boulder two days. Glacier house was really nice and was pretty cheap to stay there. If you go to revy hit The Big Eddy we ate there almost every night, Awesome food! Get the brisket nachos! From there we went to sicamous and stayed at the best western. Dont remember what that cost per night but we got a deal cuz my wife is a dsg ambassador and was doing steph Schwartz clinic based out of there. We rode there six days eagle pass one day, blue lake two days, owl head one day, and queest two days. Joe shmuks awesome place for food here. There wasn’t much snow accumulation while we were there but we could always find enough untracked to get stuck. I think we will be going this year again possibly in nov and again in feb. we were gone 14 days on our trip, we had three people, ten days riding and lodging, all fuel truck and sleds and total cost was $1400 per person. this year we’re going to go for 10 days ride for six and should be under $1000. Hope there’s a little helpful info here for you.
Nov 27, 2016
Best Place to stay in Sicamous is Eagle Valley lodge

And if you need the best guide in the area ask for René St-Onge. Its an amazing rider ans he knows the best secret spot for big powder.
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