Show me your muff

Dec 28, 2018
Hey... a buddy of mine has a nytro and wants to add a muffpot to it... there is like no yammies around where i ride and havent seen anyone with a muffpot on.. where the best place to mount one? Pics? Thanks.


MODERATOR: Premium Member
Nov 26, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
The Nytro really doesn't have a good place to put one because of the rear exit exhaust. Even with an aftermarket exhaust small enough to mount it, the muffpot would still be exposed to snow and your spinning track inside the tunnel. There is room under the hood for one, but no real source of heat that is going to be warm enough to heat up your lunch.

Its probably easier to throw a jetboil in your pack or tunnel bag, or bring an extra muffpot and warm it up on a buddies sled at lunch.
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